Husky in Denial's sophomore effort, "KUNG-Fu!" delivers a subversive kick to the teeth!

Eff You! Music Video

See the music video directed by Klews Films!

It's too late...

The album that started it all, "'It's too late,' or so I'm told," remains a fresh and eclectic treat!

Purveyor of fine whines

Husky In Denial is gutsy music, combining elements of indie rock, progressive rock, and trip hop with animal nerve and autistic eccentricity.

His unique genre blend has been called "viciously original and endlessly creative," or simply "weird and funky and cool."

Buck Riley has been performing and creating professional music work for ten years, beginning by working with a local video game start-up to create original music for iPhone games. He has composed for The Bedfellows web series, and recently scored the Bedfellows Frenzy video game, available on Steam.

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