The Bedfellows Frenzy Soundtrack – $5

After many months of hard work, with a whole extra month of adding extra songs to the track list to round it out, The Bedfellows Frenzy Original Soundtrack is available for download!

The Bedfellows Frenzy OST is a non-stop destruction fest. It's the perfect accompaniment for all your kaiju-based demolition fantasies, blending Power Metal fury with Chiptune nostalgia. Husky In Denial draws inspiration from video game classics and musical influences ranging from Metallica to Rage Against the Machine to create the soundtrack for this Rampage-style, beat-em-up game, featuring 22 original tracks that will keep your blood pumping. At only $5, it pays to tune in while you tear down!

You can buy the soundtrack here...

And you can play the game here!



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