Commissions are currently CLOSED

Base Price: $50


  • 2 minutes of recorded music
  • Basic Instrumentation
  • Quality Mix and Master
  • License to use music for non-commecial interests (BMI)

Additional Prices

Standard prices on top of base

Extra minute .....$10
Add vocals ........$5
Add harmonies .....$5
Add lyrics .......$10
Chipmunk vox .....$15
Session musician..$30*

*prices may vary based on musician, length, and other factors

Base Cover Price: $30

Additional prices apply at normal rate.

YES! I do chipmunk cover commissions!
And they're surprisingly popular!


The commissioner wanted to gift his husband a song for Christmas in a pop style he loved. I drew from stories of their relationship, his husband's idiosyncrasies, and from poetry the couple enjoyed. The result is a completely custom love song tailer-fit to their relationship.

Standard Commission

$50 base Price
+ 5 vocals
+10 lyrics
+10 extra minute
$75 total

The Logical Song

The commissioner wanted to hear their favorite 80's song in a new style. They asked for a "Buck-ified" version, in the style of Husky In Denial. The result is a guitar-heavy tribute to Supertramp's original.

Standard Cover

$30 base Price
+10 vocals
+20 extra minutes
$60 total

Bad Case of Lovin' You

The commissioner requested a chipmunk version of one of their favorite songs. They asked for faithfulness to the original, with some added harmonies. The result is a cover that doesn't stray far from the original, but with chipmunk vocals, of course.

Chipmunk Cover

$30 base Price
+15 chipmunk
+5 vocals
+15 extra time
$65 total


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